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"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."


PRIVATE CONSULTATION for creatives (groups or individuals):

In person if possible or virtual through SKYPE from any part of the world

CONSULTATION & RESEARCH in matters relating to art and culture, such as:

i) Bridging heritage through contemporary life and art

In a world of globalization which threatens individuality, variety and identity it becomes a necessity to sustain an individual cultural and historical identity...Stella Karageorgi can provide services in the form of consultation and proposals which can be designed to serve the purpose of bringing heritage and art back to the public arena and everyday life experience of people...                                                                     ​   read more...


​ ii) Bridging disciplines

Stella’s research revealed that there are many interactions that are happening lately between the disciplines of archaeology and art...Stella’s expertise knowledge and experience enables her to propose new approaches for the creation of projects that will promote interdisciplinarity... 

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iii) Bridging heritage and art through contemporary culture and tourism ​ 

Tourism can contribute greatly to the economy of a country, but it can also provide a great opportunity for the promotion of its culture and the development of the local arts;... Stella Karageorgi can plan, conceptualize, develop a package and manage the realization of collaborative projects, cultural events, exhibitions or commercial products that can reconcile and satisfy the needs for the promotion art, culture and the tourism industry...    

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Reviving the Archaic

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