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What if Picasso was a blogger?

Hello everyone,

welcome to my new blog!I believe we live in a wonderful era; these are really exciting times not just for everyone, but for the artists in particular. Why? Well mainly because for the first time in human history, abundant knowledge and information is accesible to everyone. For the arts specifically, the most amazing contribution of our technologies and social media is actually the sharing of the creative process. Never before did the public had such a direct connection to the artist and access to his/her creative and thought process, as we do today. I am very excited for this advancement in our society. It makes me wonder how difficult it must have been for artists in a time without internet, to reach their audience.

But just simply imagine if Picasso was born in our times and could share his creative process and inspirations in a blog or a YouTube tutorial! If he became famous in a time without internet, I wonder where would he be in a time like this! How do you think he would choose to present himself to us with an online presence? Until recently artistic process was a very private and personal experience, sometimes a secretive one. Of course the mystery behind the making of a work of art was adding to the value of the artist. Not anymore though, on the contrary, now being open and sharing with others is what adds value to an artist.

I am truly grateful to all these artists who have opened the doors for us to peek into their world, their thoughts and dreams, their processes and even their secrets, trusting that it will not be abused but appreciated by people. Indeed there was never a time before that the experience of the individual was as important as the collective. I consider it a blessing to have so much access to human knowledge and experience through a small screen in the comfort of my home. So for this reason, I decided to also start a blog and begin sharing my unique experience, thoughts, observations and dreams about the world. And I begin by thanking all who have done so and inspired me by sharing their unique world view!

So tell me, what if Picasso was a blogger? Would love to hear your thoughts on that...

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers out there,


photo by Gjon Mili/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Jan 01, 1949 – courtesy LIFE Magazine

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