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I believe that the artist has a role and a responsibility to act as a reformer, healer and transformer of society. As an artist, I seek to offer solutions, uplift people and use the transcendent power of art to communicate and revive universal values through the aesthetic experience.                                                                                                                                                                              


Stella Karageorgi is a fine artist, an educator, a researcher and consultant from Cyprus. She is also a contributing writer at the ARTLEX Art Dictionary & Encyclopedia and a founder of the recently created THIRD SPACE art center in Paphos, Cyprus.


Stella holds a Doctorate in Fine Art practice since 2013, from the De Montfort University in UK. Previously to that she studied her BA in Fine Art & Art History as a Fulbright Scholar in the USA, at the University of Texas, 2001-2005, and her postgraduate studies in the UK, at Central Saint Martins, UAL, 2005-2006, and the University of Northampton, 2007-2008. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions both in Cyprus and abroad, and received several awards and grants. Stella is actively creating art, teaching and offering talks & workshops, as well as consultation in matters related to bridging heritage & archaeology through contemporary art and life, and within the tourism industry.


Stella is a visionary, with an aesthetic sensitivity and an inquisitive mind. She is fascinated by the ancient past, the sacred, the childlike, the colorful and the playful. Her creative work spans across various mediums through which she is exploring prehistoric art, ancient symbols, motifs and archetypal themes and implements these within her art. The essence of her art is to link the past and the present through re-creation. Ultimately, she creates art as a celebration of life, to uplift people and to transform the ordinary to the magical.



Reviving the Archaic

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