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"To be an artist is to believe in life."

Henry Moore


Throughout history many artists have turned to the past and sought to explore how the use of ancient symbols, motifs and archetypal themes could be applied in a contemporary art context. Stella Karageorgi's research, seeks to continue this enquiry through a creative process grounded on the study of the heritage of Cyprus and specifically the archaic art. Cyprus during the Archaic Period 8th-5th century BCE, developed its own artistic idiom, which was unique to the island.

The research focuses on the creative application and transformation of the ancient art to contemporary art. It evaluates the possible contribution of studying antiquity as a means of expanding contemporary art practice and links the two disciplines, archaeology and art, in order to understand and recreate the ancient past. The research involved collaboration with specialized archaeologists which have facilitated the archaeological aspect of the research.

Stella's research explores the following themes in the form of theory and practice:
• History & tradition within contemporary art: Investigation of how the study of the ancient motifs and practices of Cyprus, specifically of the Archaic period, can contribute to contemporary art practice.
• The role of the artist today in studying the ancient past: Investigation on how an artist can offer new ways and a new understanding to analyze and explore our ancient past.

• The common fundamentals between ancient art and children's art: Investigation of the parallels between ancient art forms and motifs to children's art and how the study of ancient art can contribute to education and the artistic development of children.
• Contemporary society and heritage: Investigation of ways on how archaic art can find  possible uses within the contemporary visual identity and culture of Cyprus.

The practical component of the research involves creative exploration and study of  archaic art through drawing, sculpture, digital art and installations. The main aim of the ongoing creative project is to make the ancient art relevant to the modern viewer and explore new ways of interpreting, recreating and re-imagining the past through the perspective of an art practitioner.

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Reviving the Archaic

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