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"Art must be expression of love or it is nothing."

Marc Chagall


I’d love to hear from you! For any inquiries, to purchase art and any other services, please leave your message below​​.

Let Art be a Joy!

Stella Karageorgi



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Challenge the Artist!

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Challenge the Artist!

Want to challenge me into a creative task? Sign up for my newsletter and email me an image or a link to your favourite object in world history or even in your own personal history, and challenge me to recreate and transform it into a small contemporary work of art! Tell me why it feels so significant to you and why you chose this object, and I will share with you my own intuitive experience and process of exploring it artistically in my weekly newsletters. Open for all art lovers, art historians, archaeologists, even museums and anyone who just enjoys challenging artists!


note: put 'challenge the artist' as the email subject line 

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Reviving the Archaic

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