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Workshops for professionals and higher education students


  •  Creativity  & Creative Research Methods:  A participatory, activity-based and exploratory workshop that introduces the participants to the creative research methods that are used in the various art and social science research programs and projects. The workshop is open to participants from any discipline as it embraces interdisciplinary perspectives and uses creativity as the common denominator to bridge unique points of view and bring forth new knowledge. In this workshop we explore how creativity can be employed to expand our knowledge and bring out hidden aspects of ourselves and the world around us. Some of the topics to touch upon are the following:      


    ·        Creativity and Innovation                                                                       

    ·        What are creative research methods?            

    ·        Why use them and how can we use them?           

    ·        What skills and qualities are needed to be a creative researcher?

    ·        How can we develop our own creative research methods projects?

    ·        How do we analyse and interpret the results derived from creative research?                 

    ·        How can creativity & creative research be used across disciplines to promote unique collaborations and participations?


    By the end of this workshop participants will be left with a deeper understanding of the value of creative engagement and the use of art practice as a valid tool for discovery and interpretation.


    Note: Interested in workshops in situ? No problem, the workshop can be adapted to any location, gallery exhibition, cultural and archaeological sites. This offers participants an opportunity to put in practice the creative research methods and experience the site in a new way which always helps to recover new information. It certainly contains an element of surprise, which makes it even more interesting!  Check as an example the blog titled 'Creative Research at the great wall of Lempa' and 'A day in the archaeological site Fabrika Hill'.


  • Exploring the Past and Heritage Through Art Making: The workshop will focus on  the introduction and development of creative research skills and enhancing critical thinking on heritage through theory and practice. The participants will be given the opportunity to express their own understanding and interpretation of the past through creative methods. The purpose is not to copy it, but recreate anew and use heritage as a reference for developing your personal artistic style and voice. I will take you on a journey through my own artistic development, as well as art history to explore the approaches of other past and present artists, such as Grayson Perry, Picasso, Henry Moore and many more, who have used the past as a reference to their work. In the form of a workshop participants will be quided to practically engage in the study of a topic of their interest.


  • How to Promote Yourself as an Artist: In these times of change the artists need to develop a self-empowered attitude to promote their work. Tips on on how to manage your life as an artist, how to be innovative and use your personal skills for a unique artistic presence and contribution, how to launch your own art business and make your passion your livelihood, how to move beyond the creative blockages and enjoy satisfying productivity. 

SPECIALIZED SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS on studying heritage through art

Stella offers seminars and executes art workshops in various avenues such as universities, museums, schools and cultural events. The seminars/ workshops promote artistic development and use cerativity and art as a learning tool to enhance historical knowledge through artistic exploration and recreation. Depending on the setting, each workshop focuses on a specific theme, structure and creative methods that serve the purpose of the event.                                       


In a museum setting, the workshops will focus  on the museum's collection. Students will be given the opportunity to create their own artwork inspired by selected artifacts from the collection. This will enhance the students' understanding of the objects' aesthetic and historical value through artistic exploration and recreation.                                                                   

• In a school setting, the workshops will be planned  in relevance to the current school curriculum and will focus on the exploration of key moments and artifacts in Cypriot history through new methods of art makingin relevance to the demands of school curriculum and will focus on the exploration of key moments and historical artifacts, through new methods of art making.


The creative methods used in all  of the above workshops can be in the form of drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, digital media and creative writing. Children will also be encouraged to create toys.  

Lecture at Palia Elektriki Cutural Center, Paphos, Cyprus, Oct. 2013


To Book a Workshop/Seminar/Lecture  
Lectures usually last around 45-50 minutes with an extra 30 minutes or more of Q&A discussion, but can be adapted to fit the size and format of your event. Seminars last longer and are generally more participatory and dicsussion oriented. I am also available for day-long workshops.


Rates and availability

Speaking fees vary depending on your requirements.


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