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"Study the past if you would define the future."


Is exhibiting our past protected in a museum glass case enough to learn from it, built on it and create something new? How can we make a meaningful use of our past in contemporary life? Art can offer an answer to this. Art can serve as a conduit between the past and the present, it can allow the past to communicate and talk through the ‘living object’: the art work.


As an artist, Stella’s goal is not to copy the ancient art, but to recreate it and transform it into new experiences, a new art that will address a 21st century audience with a completely different value and belief system. By creating new art and giving the past a new value, she brings it back to the public life.

Stella’s art work explores, resurfaces and recreates the mood and aesthetic values found in the ancient art and creates a new experience for the contemporary viewer. She also investigates the common fundamentals and parallels of ancient art to child art and toys. Her work brings together universal elements found in both ancient and child art, such as the liveliness, aesthetic,  playfulness and humor, whimsicality, sophistication, graphicness, ornamentation, and bright colors.

Reviving the Archaic

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