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"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth."

Pablo Picasso

COMMISIONS for private & public art projects

Stella can accept requests to undertake private, corporate or public art commissions as well as book illustrations. According to the demands and concept of the project, whether private or public, she can adjust her work for indoor as well as outdoor settings. Stella will take into account the demands and specifications of any project and can plan, research and present a proposal alongside sketches and models that can provide a clear idea of the final project to the commissioner. The proposal will provide a detailed outline of the concept, space requirements, materials, processes and budget required for the execution of the project. 

The private or public art can be executed in various forms of contemporary art practice such as installation, sculpture, mural, interactive art, video art etc. Projects can be of temporary or permanent duration, and can be centered in a private indoor space or an urban or rural context. The use of public spaces such as parks, squares, roundabouts, open street venues are a perfect platform for the development of artistic and cultural expression which can integrate history and  heritage into the everyday life experience. The work of Stella Karageorgi if applied in the form of public art projects can offer ways in which heritage and ancient art can be made relevant to contemporary society.

Reviving the Archaic

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