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'Intuitive Art' Workshops     

Intuitive art refers to creating art and engaging in a creative process without conscious thought. In these workshops, you will be guided to connect with your intuition, nurture your creative soul and cultivate the dynamics of your imagination to create otherworldly realities.

Workshops description:
The practice of intuitive art is a fun and playful experience that will help you tap into your subconscious mind and allow you to express freely without internal inhibitions. You will explore a free-flowing creative process and experiment through a variety of activities and mediums, - such as painting and drawing, mixed media, clay, collage, pastel, automatic writing and poetry, movement and somatic awareness, as well as visualization meditation-, as vehicles for self-discovery, self-expression and personal growth.

The workshops employ:
•Theoretical introduction and presentation of artists
•Creative exercises
• Demonstrations of Surrealism techniques and creative processes that will help you tap into your unconscious creative potential
•Practical sessions where participants will be given the time to create finished pieces
•Discussion and development of individual ideas and approaches
•Tutor feedback

By the end of this introductory series of workshops, you will have increased your creativity, confidence, and approaches in intuitive art and will discover new aspects of yourselves, experience breakthroughs, and gain new insights. The resulting images you create may offer you a message for your very personal life path. Upon completion of this series, you may continue to our next series of advanced level workshops to expand your practice.

These workshops are for anyone who wants to:
•develop their creativity, explore and experiment with art-making processes
•tap into their subconscious mind and playful nature
•practice mindfulness and self-expression
•strengthen and develop their own voice as an artist

This workshop is suitable for all, from beginners as well as experienced artists. It is not about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ art; the purpose of this workshop is to come in touch with your inner self, unlock your creativity and nurture your right brain, the seat of human creativity.

When & Where:
The workshops take place every
Sunday 11am – 1pm and 3 - 5pm
Duration 2 hours

2 Eirinis street, Paphos 8027
Opposite Papantoniou bakery on the main street towards ΑΗΚ Electricity Authority

Participation Fee:
€20 per workshop, or
€70 for 4 workshops

Tea and small snacks are provided during the workshop.

Workshop Materials:
•Some drawing materials and paper will be provided at the workshops, but some specific materials might need to be purchased from outside.
Please wear appropriate clothing/aprons and footwear for the workshop. If you wish you can bring your own portable music device with headphones.

Dr. Stella Karageorgi
* This workshop has limited places – Please book your place early.

For more info and fee contact:
Tel: 99216088

Reviving the Archaic

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