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'Automatic/Intuitive Drawing' Workshop     

About this workshop:
This workshop will guide participants to tap into their subconscious mind through mindfulness practice, overcome creative blocks and explore a free-flowing creative process, working directly from intuition, instinct, and imagination.

Workshop description:
In art, automatism refers to creating art and engage in a creative process without conscious thought. Automatic drawing was developed by the Surrealists, as a means of expressing the subconscious. In this workshop, you will explore a more intuitive way of drawing, learn to let go of self-criticism, resistance and uncertainty and work with the dynamics of your imagination to create otherworldly realities. The workshop employs:
•Theoretical introduction into automatism
•Presentation of a selection of Surrealist and contemporary artists who used this method
•Creative and playful exercises 
•Automatic drawing technique demonstrations 
•Practical sessions where participants will be given the time to create a finished piece
•Discussion and development of individual ideas and approaches
•Tutor feedback

By the end of the course, you will have increased your knowledge, approaches, and confidence in intuitive drawing as a way to experience breakthroughs and experience new insights. 

Who this class is for:
•Anyone who wants to develop their creativity and tap into their subconscious mind and playful nature
•Those who want to explore and experiment with drawing 
•Those who want to practice mindfulness and be in the present moment through creative action
•Those who want to strengthen and develop their own voice as an artist

Level:  This workshop is suitable for all, from beginners as well as experienced artists.

Participation Fee: €40
Tea and small snacks will be provided during the workshop.

Workshop Materials:
Included -
•Drawing materials and paper will be offered at the workshop.

What participants need to bring -
•Participants are free to bring a selection of images for inspiration, as well their own set of drawing supplies to use if they wish to.
•A portable music device with headphones and music (optional)

Please wear appropriate clothing/aprons and footwear for the workshop.

When & Where: The workshops take place every Saturday 10am – 1pm. Duration 3 hours
Classes require a minimum of 6 students to run.

These workshops have limited capacity so make sure to book your place early. 
‘Stella Art Studio’ 2 Eirinis street, Paphos 8027, Cyprus

Tel: 99216088


Reviving the Archaic

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