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CONSULTATION and research in matters relating to art and culture, such as:

iii)Bridging heritage and art through contemporary culture and tourism 

Tourism can contribute greatly to the economy of a country, but it can also provide a great opportunity for the promotion of its culture and the development of the local arts; a great opportunity because in order to serve its own needs, tourism also contributes to the preservation, maintenance and application of heritage to contemporary culture. On the other hand, tourism may also become a threat because it can lead to a superficial commercialization or commodification of cultural heritage, if not managed responsibly.

To avoid such a pitfall, what is needed is a critical and respectful approach to culture and heritage for their successful use within tourism practices. Furthermore, knowledge of the values that a community seeks to bestow and communicate to its foreign visitors, the tourists, should not be treated lightly. Contemporary art can contribute to culture, culture and heritage can attract cultural tourism, and tourism can sustain and enhance the economy of a place; one can serve the needs of the other whilst also benefiting each other.

Stella Karageorgi can plan, conceptualize and develop a professional package and manage the realization of collaborative projects, cultural events, exhibitions or commercial products that can reconcile and satisfy the needs for the promotion of a genuine cultural heritage within the tourism industry.


• Historical Research: Research the local culture, heritage and traditions to interpret and identify themes & stories for exhibitions, attractions and/or events. Relay it to a target audience in an entertaining, educational and engaging manner.  



•  Help with the development of the Mission, Vision and Goals of your cultural project and develop hospitality activities.

•  Artists' project: Plan and create projects for artists, such as artist's residency programs,  or craftmakers festivals/ markets that can attract a variety of crowds and create an active community.



•  Artistic Style: Envision and guide on the development of the overall artistic style, the visual image, the aesthetic and promote a coherent mood throughout the project.    

• Products: Guide in the creation of quality commercial products, eg. souvenir products and gifts. Design, discover and/or collaborate with local designers.  

• Artwork sourcing and procurement: Discover hidden gems and unique art pieces that  can decorate walls and spaces. Choose quality art that connects to the theme, the architecture and aesthetic of the spaces and guide the art installation.  




i. Help in the creation of quality content for public or private tours with a storytelling narrative in order to enhance the visitor journey.

ii. Train and educate docents to provide guided experiences and tours for visiting school, adult and tourists groups.


• Monthly Program - Develop a monthly program of ongoing events, exhibitions and festivals with specific themes related to art & heritage: such as lectures, workshops, conferences, concerts and performances. Festivals can be organized in collaboration with other institutions, organizations, museums, schools or universities  of the region. This will help the local people and institutions to develop a relationship with your location as a place of destination for cultural events.  

• Daily Program - Create and develop a daily program for workshops hosted by locals to teach traditional activities to visitors.

• Children’s Program: Develop a curriculum and lesson plans that integrate permanent collections and changing exhibitions. Invite local and regional schools to participate in order to target the young generation.



• Development of the promotional content for the information/welcome packs that is comprehensive and targets an international, multicultural and multilingual audience and promotes your project as a key destination for visitors. •    Help with the development and writing of quality content for Info points, the various exhibits, general promotion, website, leaflets or promotional videos.

•  Develop the theme statement and storytelling document for each attraction and/or exhibit. •    Develop informational materials such as brochures, newsletters or press relea- ses in relation to the cultural content.



• Network & Collaborations: Building key relationships and promoting the mission of your project/location. Pursuing collaborations for collaborative events with other institutions, art foundations, schools, universities and museums of the region.

• Sourcing:  Discovering and selecting to bring in quality professionals, artists, curators, performers, designers that align with your project’s mission and purposes.



Curate temporary themed exhibitions which are engaging, educational, and transformative:

•  Researching and developing the exhibition concept

•  Liaising with artists, galleries, and collectors

•  Developing and producing exhibition materials

•  Producing the exhibition catalogue

•  Developing supplementary programming and educational materials

•  Overseeing marketing and sponsorship

•  Arranging logistics including shipping, insurance, and loan agreements

•  Supervising the installation

Reviving the Archaic

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