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"Creativity takes courage."

Henry Moore

CONSULTATION and research in matters relating to art and culture, such as:

i)Bridging disciplines

Stella’s research revealed that there are many interactions happening lately between the disciplines of archaeology and art, in the form of exhibitions, publications, projects and research. This crossing of the boundaries of individual disciplines came about through a growing interest of both scholars and artists to gain a new perspective on things.


The disciplines of archaeology and art, in particular, share something in common: they are dealing with the study of the human experience and seek to gain an understanding of the human being and its interaction with the material world, past or present, but through different processes, perspectives and intentions.


Stella’s expertise knowledge and experience in collaboration with archaeologists enables her to propose new approaches for the creation of projects that will promote interdisciplinarity​ and the collaboration between archaeologists and artists; such interactions can provide new insights into the renewing and recreation of cultural heritage.



Interested to learn more and see what is happening around the world on this topic? Have a look at the list of links I gathered by clicking below.


Reviving the Archaic

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