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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo Da Vinci

CONSULTATION and research in matters relating to art and culture, such as:

i)Bridging heritage through contemporary life and art

Cultural heritage is the inheritance of valued artifacts, attributes and traditions that have been passed down from past generations, and are studied and maintained by the present generation for the benefit of future generations. In a world of globalization which threatens individuality, variety and identity, it becomes a necessity to sustain an individual cultural and historical identity.


Nevertheless, preserving or conserving our cultural heritage is not enough, as it can lead to stagnation; what is also required is the continuity and renewal of tradition within the contemporary culture. The role of art is in fact very essential for the continuity and advancement of society. Contemporary art can provide a solution as it can sustain and promote historical identity and also produce and invent culture. 

Stella Karageorgi can provide services in the form of consultation and proposals which can be designed to serve the purpose of bringing heritage and art back to the public arena and everyday life experience of people. This can be in the form of exhibitions, public art projects, collaborations, research projects, events and publications, which can give character to a place and promote artistic expression and innovation. Stella’s experience in both the practice of art as well as theoretical research can offer solutions to such a challenging task.

Reviving the Archaic

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