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  • Exploring the Past and Heritage Through Art Making – Introduction to basic methods and concepts on how to explore the past through the process of making art. The purpose is not to copy it, but recreate anew and use it as a reference for developing your personal artistic style and voice. I will take you on a journey through my own artistic development, as well as art history to explore the approaches of other past and present artists, such as Picasso, Henry Moore, Grayson Perry and many more, who have used the past as a reference to their work. In the form of a workshop participants will be quided to practically engage in the study of a topic of their interest.

Art Business:

  • How to Promote Yourself as an Artist: In these times of change the artists need to develop a self-empowered attitude to promote their work. Tips on how to become self-reliant and a full time artist. How to use Social Media and manage your life as an artist with an online presence, how to be innovative and use your personal skills for a unique artistic presence and contripution, how to lunch your own art business and make your passion your livelihood, how to move beyond the creative blockages and enjoy satisfying productivity.

The True Role of an Artist:

  • How to Be an Authentic Artist: What makes an artist a true authentic artist? What is the purpose and role of an artist within society? How to move beyond the selfish, selfcentered artist role of the old paradigm, and honor your creativity responsibly towards the world. These and many more concepts will be introduced to you, in order to break down the biases and preconceived notions given to you by society and art history. The role of the artist is changing, are you ready?

Creativity through Spirituality:

  • How to Enhance your Creativity and Get in Touch with your  Inner Vision: True creativity comes from within. Each one of us is unique in what they have to contripute to the world. A more spiritual approach towards creativity and art and how to use medidation, visualization and affirmation techniques, as well as your own imagination and bed time dreams, to enhance your creativity and be guided from a higher perspective. For those who believe that creativity is beyond this realm, this lecture/workshop will present to you a unique approach which is not being taught in the traditional art education system, even though all great artists use it.Talk about my personal experience, placement and conferences about how i came into this knowledge

Lecture at Palia Elektriki Cutural Center, Paphos, Cyprus, Oct. 2013

"I shut my eyes in order to see."

Paul Guaguin

Workshops with a focus on ancient Cypriot art 

Stella organizes and executes art workshops for both children and adults in various avenues specifically museums, schools, universities and other cultural events. The art workshops promote artistic development and use art as a learning tool to enhance historical knowledge through artistic exploration and recreation.


Depending on the setting, each workshop focuses on a specific theme, structure and creative methods that serve the purpose of the event.



​• In a higher education setting, such as a university, the workshops will focus on  the introduction and development of creative research skills and enhancing critical thinking on heritage through theory and practice. The students will be given the opportunity to express their own understanding and interpretation of the past through creative methods.

The creative methods used in all  of the above workshops can be in the form of drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, digital media and creative writing. Children will also be encouraged to create toys.  



How To Book a Workshop/Lecture

Please email me if your group would like to book an in person workshop or lecture.

Pricing for 2014 and 2015: 
Workshops –children workshops €120 a day+ all expenses, includes 1 1/2 hour of instruction, for up to 10 kids/0r €5 per participant. For adult workshops  €400 a day + all expenses, includes 5 hours of instruction, for up to 20 students/or €50 per participant.
Lectures – €90 + all expenses for a 1 to 1 1/2 hour lecture/ or €8 per person



           'Taking a workshop with Stella, was the best decision i made after my struggle as

            an artist. It was insightful, enjoyable and extremely beneficial for my develpment.

           Thank you so much for helping me move beyond my blocks.'

            Joanna Chan, painter




Past Lectures and Workshops





• In a museum setting, the workshops will focus  on the museum's collection.  Students will be given the opportunity to create their own artwork inspired by selected artifacts from the collection. This will enhance the students' understanding of the objects' aesthetic and historical value through artistic exploration and recreation.​                                                                   

• In a school setting, the workshops will be planned

in relevance to the current school curriculum and will focus on the exploration of key moments and artifacts in Cypriot history through new methods of art making.

Reviving the Archaic

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