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"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance."



Stella has partnered up with the architect Maziar Shariki to offer you a new set of services that transform spaces, interior or exterior. With their unique skills and strengths, Stella and Maziar blend art & architecture to design, build and create new spaces or transform existing spaces.


The services we offer span through hotel, retail and leisure design as well as product design. Whether it is a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant, a house, a garden or children's playground, we take into account the demands and specifications of any project and can plan, research and present a proposal alongside sketches and models to provide you with a clear idea of the final result. The proposal will provide a detailed outline of the concept, space requirements, materials, processes and budget required for the execution of the project. 


Our Services

  • Interior Design

  • Product Design & Production

  • Exhibit Planning (Concept & Design)

  • Visuals & Narrative

  • Art

  • Models

  • Construction Drawings

  • Construction Management

  • Installation


Reviving the Archaic

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