Stella has partnered up with the architect Maziar Shariki to offer you a new set of services that transform spaces, interior or exterior. With their unique skills and strengths, Stella and Maziar blend 

art & architecture to design, build and create new spaces or transform existing spaces.  ​read more...

Art workshops for both children and adults in various avenues specifically museums, schools, universities and other cultural events. The art workshops promote artistic development and use art as a learning tool to enhance historical knowledge through artistic exploration and recreation.  read more...

Consultation and research services in matters relating to art & culture, interdisciplinarity, tourism and heritage.  read more...



Private, corporate or public art commissions as well as book illustrations. The private or public art can be executed in various forms of contemporary art practice such as installation, sculpture, mural, interactive art, video art, performance, sound art.      



I always like to compine my services together as i believe it offers a more rounded approach and creates deeper results. I always categorize my processes as a MAKER, RESEARCHER, TEACHER, PRESENTER...You can chose one of these or all of them together

Reviving the Archaic

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