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Conference participation - 'Cyprus: Its Archaeology and Heritage'

Last week I participated in a lovely conference at the AG Leventis Art Gallery in Nicosia. My topic of presentation was 'The Search of a Cultural Identity through the Recreation of Cypriot Heritage'. The conference was organized by The Cyprus Centre of Westminster University in collaboration with the British Museum and the Cultural Section of the Cyprus High Commission. The conference, was entitled:

'Cyprus: Its Archaeology and Heritage

Effects on Politics, Identity, Tourism and Education

Maintaining Cyprus as its focus, the conference themes covered the effects of archaeology and heritage on:

Politics; considering for instance Cyprus’s place in world culture, also the politics of buildings

Identity; looking at Cypriot collections, expanding to an examination of what heritage mean in a civic sense, including to new (and not so new!) arrivals to Cyprus

Tourism; including the integration of cultural and landscape heritage, and tourism in antiquity

Education; with a look at the use of antiquities in education both in school and to the community, and engagement programmes, including a critique on how heritage is presented in Cyprus.

Below you can see the programme of the conference.

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