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Book Illustration 'Mary and the White Pea'

Just got in my hands the book 'Mary and the White Pea' which I illustrated for the writer and poem Demetra Socratous.It was a fruitful collaboration and I wish Demetra all the success with her new book!

For this book we agreed with Demetra to develop illustrations with a psychedelic and dreamlike style due to the unique story and message it conveys.

A few words about the story of the book: A girl and a pea inside her head. Mary and the White Pea. Why, where, how and when did it grow in her head? Mary’s effort to find the Pea and to get to know it. To appreciate it. Accompanied by Zelia, her mentor and companion, she’s wandering among imaginary and colorful worlds. Each creature she encounters offers her knowledge and light. Will Mary finally meet the White Pea? And then what? A story about the heart’s power, its wonder and love. Though, unlike the fairy tale, this story addresses a serious and sensitive subject as it searches for the truth surrounding childhood cancer.

For details about the book presentation click here


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