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A day in the archaeological site Fabrika Hill

A day in archaeology! We spent a lovely time at an archaeological site while we visited the University of Sydney's archaeological project at Fabrika Hill in Kato Pafos! I planned and organized this field trip for a group of art students from ASPIRE school, as part of our European Parliament Ambassador School Program. The activity encompassed a tour by the archaeologist and museum educator from the University of Sydney, Dr. Craig Barker, and a fascinating experience in a 3D virtual reality model. It was then followed up a creative research workshop I gave to the students where they explored and experienced the archaeological space and re-imagined it through various creative activities, observation and discussion.

I would like to thank Dr. Craig Barker and all the lovely archaeologists on the site for giving us this opportunity to visit them on site!

For more information about the Fabrika Hill site please take a look at the very interesting website of the archaeological project

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